제목 BSC-3301(Neurodegenerative diseases)
작성자 bisichem
작성일자 2021-04-08

BiSiChem is developing RIPK1 inhibitors as a candidate for Alzheimer's disease and/or cancer

and applied for the PCT international patent in 2020.

RIPK1 Inhibitor relates to a series of substituted heterocyclic compounds which are inhibitors of

RIP1 kinase-mediated or disorder and use the therapeutics. RIP1 kinase is a critical signaling protein

in the tumor necrosis factor receptor pathway and is a regulator of inflammation and cell death.

Currently, in academia, it has been reported that RIPK1 inhibitors have beneficial effects not only in

preclinical models of Neurodegenerative diseases, but also other diseases such as inflammatory

and necrotic cell death.